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We want to thank all of the incredible people who’ve offered to share their stories.

Hopefully you will find inspiration in reading about other parents and carers in similar situations to you. They can attest to the benefits of taking the time to attend a Positive Partnerships workshop.

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    Creating autism communities

    Canberra mum creates new autism communities Canberra mum of three, Karen Hedley, has one child on the spectrum, Ryan. Now nine, he was diagnosed with Asperger’s disorder when he was six years old. “I first did a Positive Partnerships course...

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    A need for evidence

    A positive change for Perth mum Kristie Anderson shares her experience about her son, her autism community and how Positive Partnerships has helped her family Perth mum, Kristie Anderson’s son Reilly (now 4yrs old) was diagnosed with autism...

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    Understanding behaviour

    Parramatta mother finds support through her community Leanne Keighly’s daughter Anneliese was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at the age of 3. She made the decision to have Annelieise, now 6 years old assessed when her daycare...

  • Planning matrix screenshot

    Planning matrix as a tool

    More support comes to regional and remote areas Orbost mother, Liz Kenny explains the need for programs like Positive Partnerships Indigenous mother of three’s youngest child Michael, was diagnosed with high functioning autism (HFA) at 2 years...

  • School age twin girls hug

    Twin girls with autism

    Maitland mother of twin girls living with autism finds support through Positive Partnerships For any parent, having a child on the autism spectrum certainly comes with its challenges, but for Michelle Redcliffe this experience is doubled with the...

  • Diagnosis a welcome relief

    Adelaide family accessing autism support service For Renee Franks, her son Ben’s diagnosis with autism at age six was a welcome relief, as after three years of searching the family finally had the answer they required to provide Ben with the...