Understanding behaviour

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Parramatta mother finds support through her community

Leanne Keighly’s daughter Anneliese was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at the age of 3. She made the decision to have Annelieise, now 6 years old assessed when her daycare teachers noticed she was acting differently to others her age. Following her assessment, Anneliese was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay and Severe Language Delay.

Currently Anneliese attends a mainstream school in her local area. “Anneliese has delays in language skills meaning that because she can’t communicate properly, she becomes frustrated and this ultimately impacts upon her social skills.”

“I first learned of Positive Partnerships through an advertisement that was sent home from school. I thought I’d go along and see what I could find out.”

“Attending Positive Partnerships has shown me that I am not alone in my journey and that there are other families going through the same experiences.”

“Prior to Positive Partnerships, Anneliese frequently pinched my mother and it was through Positive Partnerships that we have learnt to manage this aspect of her behaviour. Now she no longer pinches.”

“I would definitely recommend Positive Partnerships to other parents and carers who have a child with autism. I have had a number of people ask me about it since I have been and I have even gone to see teachers at the day-care centre where Anneliese attended and they would also like to attend a workshop.”

“Aside from Positive Partnerships I have also benefited from a group called, ‘Tallowood School iPad User Group,’ on Facebook.  This group acts as a forum for parents to talk about the different ASD iPad applications they have used with their children and how the apps have assisted. Next week there is also a meet-up scheduled so that parents can get together in-person and discuss the apps.”

“I encourage parents to attend Positive Partnerships and join the Tallowood School iPad User Group,’ on Facebook to help to assist in supporting their child.”