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Adult holding a child's hand

Positive Partnerships workshop helps Logan mother ‘meet ’her son.

Mother Justine Della Bosca, was relieved when she first learned that her son Benigno was living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), as finally she had a diagnosis and was able to start the process to help and understand her child.

“A part of me was relieved, as I finally had an answer that helped me to realise; it wasn’t just me, I did know my boy best. Another part of me grieved. Even though I was not surprised by Benigno’s diagnosis, I still buried my head and started wondering if he would wake up one day and snap out of it because we had it wrong. Getting back up, dusting off and moving forward was not a quick transition for me. ”

“Benigno has difficulties in social interaction. He has trouble relating to others, behaving normally in social situations and he has spatial awareness difficulties. Despite this, he still attends a mainstream school because he is very high-functioning so can cope in this environment. We also receive some assistance in the form of the Special Education Unit (SEU).”

“I came across Positive Partnerships when it was mentioned to me by a mother who I had recently connected with at school. Attending Positive Partnerships has helped me greatly. It has allowed me to identify features in my son that I wasn’t able to pinpoint before and taught me ways to manage his particular needs.”

“I used the Planning Matrix during a recent school meeting to identify where Benigno needs assistance. This in turn has helped to focus his education program so that it caters to Benigno’s needs.”

“After participating in a communication module I came to understand my son profoundly better and even commented to the module facilitator that I could now go home and ‘meet’ my son. The session made me realise I was overwhelming him with instruction. Now I am simplifying my instruction and keeping my goals for him clear through a visual chart which is causing less stress for Benigno.”

“The Positive Partnerships workshop came at a time when I really needed it. I cannot express how much I have learnt from this workshop. Not only were the facilitators informative and caring, but being in a scenario where other participants could speak easily, added to what I learned. I have already recommended other parents and carers to attend a Positive Partnerships workshop.”