Teacher assistants

Teacher assistant with student

Are Positive Partnerships resources and information suitable for Teacher Assistants?

This website contains a wealth of information that will support Teacher Assistants to understand autism and how it impacts on the learning and participation of students.

To learn more about autism, how a diagnosis is made and how autism can impact on participation and learning, explore the ‘About Autism’ section of the website (About autism)

How can I understand the behaviour of the student I am supporting?

Children on the autism spectrum may exhibit a range of behaviours that can be challenging, confronting and confusing for their parents, teachers and others working with them.

For information on behaviour and links to appropriate information, video and tools go to the ‘Supporting behaviour’ section of the website.

As a Teacher Assistant, how can I support a student with specific issues he/she is facing?

To access information about some of the common issues that affect the lives of school-aged children on the autism spectrum, explore the many Fact sheets on our website. The Positive Partnerships fact sheets provide evidence based information about a range of topics. Fact sheets are developed and reviewed regularly.

Can Teacher Assistants attend Positive Partnerships Parent/Carer workshops?

School staff are not able to attend parent/carer workshops.

Positive Partnerships Parent/Carer workshops offer an important opportunity for parents and full-time carers of school-aged children on the autism spectrum to share their experience and knowledge, and develop parent to parent networks of support in a safe and confidential environment.

What learning is available for me? - The Online Learning Portal

Any teacher or school staff member can access the face to face workshop participant booklets and complete online modules via the Positive Partnerships Online Learning Portal. 
We have an exciting new module available called ‘Teachers and Teacher’s Assistants: Dynamic Teams That Support Students On The Autism Spectrum’. This module is most valuable when teachers and teacher’s assistants complete the module together as a team.
Key features of this module include:   
  • A roles and responsibilities template to explore how things ‘work’ in classrooms 
  • A planning template to support planning across six focus areas 
  • Video stories from teams sharing how they work together to support students on the autism spectrum

Our Learning Portal also includes the following modules:

  • Introduction to Autism
  • Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support
  • Introduction to Visual Supports
  • Understanding Sensory Processing

Information Topics

  • Making Friends
  • Completing Work
  • Supporting Successful Transitions and Change
  • Sexuality, Personal Hygiene and Safety
  • Communication
  • Bullying
  • Siblings

4 modules within the Parent/Carer course

  • An Introduction to the Planning Matrix
  • An Introduction to using the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) template
  • Creating Positive Partnerships
  • Using Evidence to Guide Decision Making

If you would like to register for the Positive Partnerships online learning portal, or you have already registered, please go to the login section.