Supporting South Australian Parents

Our new 3 day parent carer workshops have been designed to increase the understanding of autism and the possible impacts on learning and to use this knowledge to contribute to the home and school planning partnerships. This program involves a 2 day workshop, where parents and carers are brought together for two consecutive days. Then a month later a third session is offered to follow up with participants and re-visit tools and strategies introduced at the workshop.
The first of these 3 day workshops was delivered in Aldinga, South Australia during May and June. We had a great mix of Mums, Dads, Grandparents and Aunties who all shared stories and practical suggestions that could help one another. On day 2 a number of local services attended to highlight possible links to support individuals on the autism spectrum as well as parents, carers and siblings. Day 3 enabled the parents to get together again.  Everyone had tried something new from their learnings and came with ideas to follow up and explore further. It was a wonderful way to support the parents ongoing journey.