Renee Christie - Team Leader, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Schools Programs

How did you start working with Positive Partnerships?

I love reflecting and always look for opportunities to grow and develop both personally and professionally in everything I do. During my studies in Social Science and Counselling my world view took a clear direction, leading me through many years of volunteering, further study in Training and Assessment and working in direct care and support within the disability sector. A combination of this drive and strong mentors led me to become a Positive Partnerships delivery team member and eventually take on the Team Leader role.

What do you like most about being a Positive Partnerships Team Leader?

The opportunity to work collaboratively with such a diverse group of professionals. The role allows for me to continue learning professionally and to build networks and leadership skills as we work with communities across Australia. I particularly enjoy the energy of being able to dedicate my time to engaging parents and carer’s to work in partnerships with their school communities.

What personal values and attributes do you bring to the role?

I have a calm and patient nature and am often told I am good at explaining things. I feel these attributes bring about a sense of safety and trust when communicating with families and school communities. Human rights are what keep me focused as I truly value equal opportunity for all, especially in education.

What has inspired you in the past?

This always comes back to the leaders and teachers in my life who have played a key role in helping me to realise my potential and follow my dreams. I am continually inspired by the dedication of teachers and families to provide the best opportunities for all young people on the autism spectrum.