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Here are our most frequently asked questions about professional learning and workshops for teachers and school leaders.

What is the professional learning program?

Research shows that autism presents particular challenges throughout the school years. Our professional learning program provides training to teachers, school leaders and other education professionals about how to best support students on the autism spectrum in the classroom, and how to create an ‘autism friendly’ school culture.

What will teachers and school staff learn?
The program is designed to increase understanding, skills and expertise in working with students on the autism spectrum. The program focuses on:

  • gaining up-to-date information about autism and the impact on students’ learning
  • working in partnership with parents and carers
  • developing a learner profile for students and finding effective teaching strategies
  • making curriculum changes according to the needs of the student
  • using a range of school supports including working effectively with education assistants
  • understanding mental health issues that older primary and secondary school students on the autism spectrum may face
  • developing strategies to strengthen students social relationships
  • supporting students in key times or change
  • learning how to encourage an ‘autism friendly’ culture in schools and develop productive partnerships between schools and the wider community
  • joining a professional network following the professional learning workshops, to share and access additional information and resources

Who is eligible and what are the criteria for involvement?

Professional learning is funded for teachers and school leaders in government, non-government, primary and secondary schools in Australia.

Locations are decided in consultation with education sectors with one teacher and one school leader being invited to attend from each participating school.

Is there support available for accommodation and travel?

Yes, if required. This will be organised on your behalf.

I’m a teacher’s assistant. Are the resources and information on the website suitable for me?

Yes, the Positive Partnerships website has plenty of information that will support Teacher Assistants to understand autism and how it affects the learning and participation of students.

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Where can I find more information now?

You can check out the Positive Partnerships fact sheets for evidence based information about a range of topics. All our fact sheets are developed and reviewed regularly.

What sort of information is available in the online portal?

Teachers, school leaders and other education professionals can access workshop manuals, along with online learning sessions on a range of topics including:

  • supporting behaviour
  • communication
  • bullying
  • transitions
  • making friends

Are any of your online courses accredited?

Our Introduction to Autism course is the only online course that has received an accreditation from the NSW Institute of Teachers. Other organisations and institutions may recognise our on-line courses towards professional learning hours, however, it is up to you to discuss with the organisation concerned.

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