Professional Development 2008 - 2011

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Workshops 2008 - 2011

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Teacher Testimonials

“The Positive Partnerships modules, workshops and support network have, for me, presented expertise and knowledge that will significantly facilitate the development of plans, strategies and interventions that will mean the enhancement of the learning and management of the children in my class and hopefully the broader school community in which I work.”

“The opportunity to share this information with new teachers or teachers who are not sure of their next steps has been a valuable tool in my role…the supports and resources provided have enabled me to direct teachers to the online modules and share the resources. From this I have seen a gradual shift in some to a realisation that the child is an individual and not a disability”

“Being able to understand the wider context of autism, including the family perspective, helped me to further understand that kids don’t exist in isolation, and by working in collaboration with all stakeholders the needs of individuals can be better met.”

“I have been working at the parent issues of isolation and making sure I speak with parents and get to know them more. I had thought I did this but the PP workshops made me acutely aware that I need to do this more.”

“Some teachers are also using the process for students not on the spectrum but have been identified as having a learning difficulty as they have found the process to be valuable and informative. We are aiming to develop these more comprehensive learner profiles and learning plans for all of our students who experience barriers to learning in the school environment.”

“I had very little understanding and had preconceived ideas about ‘Autism.’ Thankfully the team has provided valuable information, websites, readings, visual support materials/strategies and opportunity for discussions which broadened my understandings of ASD.”

“…we developed an individual profile and whole-school strategies to promote successful participation and learning throughout his day. This approach seemed very effective because it provided a structured way to focus on the individual student and work proactively as a team.”

“I have a clearer understanding of the components included and to consider in constructing a profile to determine what characteristics of ASD behaviour create implications for learning at school.”

“I have developed confidence in adapting and constructing a profile suitable to be used in remote community.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop, as I think I gained a few years worth of knowledge in just 4 days…It also felt great to come back to my school feeling more capable and knowledgeable in my role, with new strategies to try out and a plan to put into action.”

“I feel more confident with trying new strategies (particularly looking at how to use more visuals across the day) and have found the process a wonderful learning curve.”

“As a teacher it really allowed me to think about this child and his behaviour in a different way, in a more positive way.”

“Gained more of an understanding of social relationship issues and can therefore cater for children better in the school setting.”

“My fears have receded and I am keen to keep on implementing strategies that will support my boy as well as the class.”