New Introduction to autism module just released!

An Introduction to Autism module images

We are excited to release an updated version of the module - An Introduction to Autism.

This module was first released 9 years ago and in that time, has been completed by more than 27,000 people!

While much of the original content remains, it has been joined by some additional topics and new information, all presented in a fresh new format with additional video footage. 

The module now covers the following topics:

  • Definitions and history of autism
  • Research and the spectrum of autism
  • Diagnosis and assessment of autism
  • Characteristics of autism
  • Approaches to support individuals on the autism spectrum
  • The module is free to access, is available to everyone and is a great introduction to learning about autism, how it can impact on learning and the different ways to support those on the spectrum in their everyday lives.

We invite you to explore the module by registering through our free online learning portal 

You will also find other modules within the portal that focus on particular topics such as Positive Behaviour Support, Sensory Processing and Visual Supports.

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