National State and Territory planning group meeting

Group photo of Positive Partnerships National State and Territory Planning Group Meeting

On Tuesday 17th July 2018 Positive Partnerships held their 2nd National State and Territory planning group meeting in Melbourne. The State and Territory planning groups consist of representatives from the different education sectors, state autism association and other parent/carer organisations in each state/territory. These planning groups meet together as a state/territory a couple of times a year and are crucial to the success of Positive Partnerships as they support us to understand the current school and parent/carer environments for each state/territory.

At the National meeting, 31 members of our planning groups gathered together for a full day of sharing. It was great to see that every State and Territory was represented by numerous people on the day. On the day we celebrated what has been happening around the country with schools and families that have attended one of our workshops. We also spent time gathering insight around how Positive Partnerships can continue to position ourselves to ensure we remain relevant to schools and parents/carers across the country. As one of the attendees said, “It was great to hear the amazing stories from around the country on the success and influence PP has had on some many families and schools!!” (QLD State & Territory planning group member).