Najeeba Syeda - Research Assistant

Najeeba Syeda - Research Assistant - Positive PartnershipsTell us about your previous roles.

I am a researcher by profession and have worked in both universities and non-government organizations in Australia and Pakistan. I have also worked in Community Services in Australia.

In Pakistan I was involved in evaluation of projects aimed at educating girls and women in rural areas of the country. I travelled extensively in the country to meet students, their families, educators and project implementation teams. I loved hearing stories of women and girls and writing about them which makes me a qualitative researcher.

In Australia I have worked with CALD communities in Sydney both as a researcher and community development worker. Before joining PP at the end of July this year, I completed a study on CALD communities’ perceptions, awareness and attitude towards mental health issues in Nepean Blue Mountains area, commissioned by Partners In Recovery.

What do you hope to achieve in this role?

I hope by implementing an evaluation program of Positive Partnerships, I can contribute to the continuous improvement of Positive Partnerships to further meet the needs of parent/carers of students on the spectrum and their educators.

What personal values and attributes do you bring to this role?

I am a hard worker, achiever and a determined person. I work effectively in both large and small teams. I am friendly, polite and like to smile.