Lynda Hunt - Team Leader, Online Professional Learning

What do you hope to achieve in this role?

I am hoping to support team leaders across the country in delivering meaningful follow up activities for school staff who attend Positive Partnerships workshops. In turn, I hope that this engagement of educators will result in improved opportunities for young people on the spectrum throughout their schooling.

Tell us about your previous roles

I have been a teacher in a mainstream high school, supporting students with disabilities for 15 years. I worked closely with students and their families to plan the transition from school to the world beyond. I was recently part of a QLD team involved in writing resources to support students with disabilities to access the national curriculum.

Tell us how you got here?

I stumbled into special education by accident upon moving to QLD over 18 years ago. Prior to this, I had taught English and History for over 10 years. I rediscovered my passion for teaching and making a real difference in the lives of high school students and connecting with their families. My interest in autism ultimately led me to the QLD delivery team during phase 2 of Positive partnerships, with a short time as QLD Team Leader. I am now embracing my new role of supporting school staff through an online platform.

Finally, what are some tips for teachers and parents on how to help children settle in, when they start school or transition to high school?

  • Involve the child from the start – ask them what they would like, what they are worried about and how you can support them
  • Take the time to plan for, and implement, the transition
  • Focus on the things that will stay the same – a friend, going to Grandmas’ on a Wednesday afternoon
  • Use school holidays to visit the new school – less noise and activity when moving through the school grounds. Remember to ask the school if this is ok and explain why you are wanting to visit at this time