Lakshmi Ajjampura - Project Officer, Multicultural Programs

How did you start working with Positive Partnerships?

My interest lies in multicultural community development activities, especially providing help & support to children. This interest led me to search suitable roles within various organisations. The projects officer role for CALD programs caught my attention and here I am starting my journey with Positive Partnerships with new hopes & ambitions to achieve the best I can.

What has inspired you in the past?

I learnt about Autism when I visited a special needs school in India where children on the autism spectrum and those diagnosed with ADHD & LD are supported through a specific program to enhance their learning, along with IYT (Integrated Yoga Therapy). This visit really increased my interest to get involved in working in the autism community.

What personal values and attributes do you bring to the role?

I have been involved in community work with various multi-cultural organisations for many years. I believe in simple values such as “be good & do good”, "share & care", & “love all & serve all”. My professional work experience, both within health care systems and in the community has provided me with a great platform to explore this new role with Positive Partnerships.

Tell us about your previous roles

I have worked in public health care systems in various services such A&E, Drug & Alcohol, Breast Cancer Services and Mental Health for the past 17 years. I have diversified skills, knowledge and experience in project & event management, operations and management support. I have managed many professional & community projects. Within the Indian community, I successfully managed an international event which set a Guinness World Record in the category of “largest music therapy lesson ever given”.