Jacqui Borland - National Director

How did you get involved with Positive Partnerships?

I have worked in the field of Autism for almost 20 years now! When Positive Partnerships commenced in 2008, I joined the National Team as a representative of Victoria to lead professional learning and parent/carer workshops. In 2010 I moved into a Strategic Leadership role, then became National Manager, Education Sectors & Program Development for 2012 – 2015. In this third phase of Positive Partnerships, I have taken on the new role of National Director.

What do you hope to achieve in this role?

I hope to lead and work with the Positive Partnerships team to collaborate with education sectors, community organisations and parents and carers, so that our program continues to develop and improve to support people on the autism spectrum and those who care for them at home, and educate and support them at school.

Every member of the Positive Partnerships team is committed to making the program as good as it can be. They bring enormously high levels of knowledge, skill and passion which make it an inspiring team to be part of!