How your child learns

Learning heading

Let’s yarn about learning...

What have you noticed about how your child learns at home, at school and in the community?

Does your child:

  • not always respond to their name?
  • not always understand what you have said?
  • sometimes forget what you have asked them to do?
  • focus on the small details?
  • find school work hard?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions this may mean your child:

  • isn’t sure what they need to do
  • is mucking up at school or doesn’t want to go
  • has difficulty maintaining attention
  • does not understand the bigger picture
  • needs lots of help to learn new things

If your child learns like this, you could try:

  • visuals – pictures or words on cards that help to explain these ideas
  • getting their attention before you talk to them
  • focusing on their strengths or interest areas
  • teaching them one step at a time
  • giving postive feedback when they do the right thing

If you are concerned about your child’s development see your doctor or go to a child health centre. DON’T ‘wait and see’. ACT NOW.

Download a copy of this yarn up sheet here (709 KB).