How your child copes with the environment

Coping with the environment heading

Let’s yarn about coping with the environment...

What have you noticed about how your child copes with the environment around them?

Does your child:

  • cover their ears to block out loud sounds?
  • block their nose to avoid strong smells?
  • need to move around constantly?
  • touch things, fidget and find it hard to sit still?
  • refuse to eat certain foods?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions this may mean your child:

  • is finding it difficult to cope with certain sounds
  • is finding it difficult to cope with strong smells
  • is distressed at times by the environment
  • might only eat certain food
  • can’t sit still for long

If your child copes with the environment like this, you could try:

  • using ear plugs or headphones when loud sounds are expected
  • preparing your child in advance
  • offering new foods in a way that interests your child
  • using movement breaks like skipping, rolling or bouncing several times a day
  • changing the environment around them at home to reduce stress

If you are concerned about your child’s development see your doctor or go to a child health centre. DON’T ‘wait and see’. ACT NOW.

Download a copy of the yarn up sheet here (711 KB).