Evaluation of Positive Partnerships

Positive Partnerships has an ongoing evaluation program in place to ensure the workshops and professional learning delivered meet expectations and are of the highest standard. The evaluation enables the ongoing improvement and adaptation of Positive Partnerships.

Parents/carers who participate in workshops are also invited to complete surveys on three occasions (pre-workshop, post-workshop and three months following the workshop) to determine the impact of participation on knowledge, skills and confidence related to their child and autism.

Evaluation Results (2008-2011)

Evaluation of Positive Partnerships from 2008 to 2011 was undertaken by the University of Canberra.

Professional Development Component

The evaluation of the Professional Development component for teachers and other school staff, including the four day workshop and professional networking phase, indicated that the program was successful in:

  • building the skills, knowledge and confidence of teachers and other school staff in supporting students with autism spectrum disorder
  • providing opportunities for teachers and other school staff to apply and extend their knowledge through a supported professional networking phase
  • providing practical information and tools to enable teachers and other school staff to develop skills and knowledge in areas such as using learner profiles, supporting transitions, understanding behaviour, mental health, and working in partnerships with parents and carers and other staff

Parent Carer Component

The evaluation of the Parent/Carer component indicated that parents and carers also consistently reported that the workshops and information session had met their needs to a high degree. The data confirmed gains in all areas, including:

  • the knowledge of current evidence-based approaches and the processes and strategies to enable effective parent/carer, school and teacher partnerships
  • knowledge about their child’s education setting and the local school system’s processes to support their child’s learning
  • information about and skills in being an effective advocate to support their child’s learning
  • strategies to maximise their child's learning at home
  • strategies to deal with their child’s key transition stages at school

Evaluation of the Positive Partnerships Online Learning Portal

The Positive Partnerships' Online Learning Portal was evaluated by Dr Chris Kilham from the University of Canberra. Chris has published two papers about the website and online learning portal. These papers can be accessed by following the links below:

Positive Partnerships website: Addressing disability and educational disadvantage in rural Australia (PDF, 287KB)

Positive Partnerships web space usability: What does the think aloud protocol tell us? (PDF, 137KB)