Djarmbi, The Different Kookaburra Storybook


Djarmbi, The Different Kookaburra Story Book

The storybook was written and developed in partnership with eleven representatives from the aboriginal community of Shepparton, Victoria. The storybook is a resource for both parents and teachers. The story is set in the bush and based around a family of kookaburras. The storyline introduces the sensitive topic of ‘difference’ through the use of a bush animal that is indeed different to the rest of his community. Parents and teachers can share this story with children as a starting point to understand difference. It is positive, insightful and engaging for young children in particular. Several additional Aboriginal communities from NSW and SA provided feedback and input around the final product to ensure that the cultural perspectives are both realistic and respectful. click here to download.


Djarmbi, The Different Kookaburra - Teacher Resource Guide

This teacher resource guide was developed by Positive Partnerships specifically for primary school teachers to use, but parents and other support workers will also find it interesting. The guide consists of three sample lesson plans; including a book orientation, a lower and an upper primary lesson plan, along with a list of additional ideas in the back of the book. A highlight of utilising this guide with the story book is to explore a number of related themes as well as to create a sensory experience whilst reading the story. A sensory story is when you use a combination of text and objects that children can look at, touch, smell, listen to or taste to tell a story. By using all five senses the reading of the text becomes a whole sensory experience. An example of a teacher reading the storybook as a sensory story is found below. click here to download 


Djarmbi iPad App

The Djarmbi app is based on the storybook. It is a multi-level resource for families, schools and communities as it can be used for fun and enjoyment, learning and engagement or as an information resource. The app is interactive and colourful so it is particularly appealing to children. Throughout the app, characters and situations can be manipulated through the interactive component. The characters talk to each other, pose questions for reflection and provide an insight into the experience of being either a sibling, parent or grandparent of a child with diverse needs. The information layer allows users to click on the text box for a more detailed description of the characteristics displayed in the scene. Several Aboriginal communities and key representatives were involved in the reviewing and finalising of the app. The app can be downloaded for free from iTunes (iPad only):


Below is a video of a teacher reading, and discussing with children, the story book
Djarmbi, The Different Kookaburra.